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Ray Wright’s “Alexia’s Legacy: Lessons for Leadership” and Life is a self-help book which contains lessons that the authors feel that Alexia would be sharing with others had she not tragically been killed so early in her life. Alexia Ardeleanu was hit by a drunk driver in 2014. Alexia was successful in all that she did. She had a 4.0 and wanted to be a lawyer. She was double majoring in college, involved in on-campus activities, a Resident Assistant in the Honors Hall, and working towards being valedictorian. Ray Wright knew and worked with her closely before her death, and was inspired by her work ethic and humility from the very start. The book takes real stories from Alexia and those whom she interacted with and incorporates them into lessons that the reader can learn in order to become better leaders and more successful in their own lives.

The book has several main points, taught through a multitude of short stories, titled:
1.) To create leadership habits.
2.) To integrate goals into the reader’s life.
3.) Create Plans and Implement them with Discipline
4.) Get Organized.
5.) Take Care of Yourself.
6.) Nurture Relationships.
Each section is a miniature life lesson, with topics including memorizing your goals, being honest with yourself, making an impact, start strong, take good notes, make time for yourself, and create time for family and friends. Ray White says that “Life is not determined by what you are given, but by what you are willing to give”, and he is right in saying so. This book is honest, with lessons such as how life is not always sunshine and roses, and that it can be overwhelming. It also delves deep into Alexia’s struggles and how she triumphs over a great deal of obstacles.
The book emphasizes that life is worth the hard work that you put into it, because success will follow. It is important to note that the book teaches the reader to be a better person for themselves and for the benefit of others, and that Alexia would have wanted people to care for the well-being of each other. With this in mind, perhaps what is most commendable about the book is the fact that 100% of the profits go to the Alexia Ardeleanu Memorial Fund. I enjoyed looking into the amazing life of Alexia and am awestruck by the amount of success she found in her all-too-short time here on earth. I would recommend this book to anybody who is looking to make their lives more fulfilling emotionally, academically, or professionally.


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